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  • Partners Newsletters

    Partners Newsletter - Spring 2020

    In the spring edition of the TOS Marine Biosecurity Partnership newsletter there is a report on fanworm surveillance in the TOS, results of a Cawthron study on Mediterranean fanworm, and encouraging news from New Zealand's two biggest harbours. We are also happy to report that our anti-fouling workshops are back on track after being postponed due to Covid-19. We have three workshops scheduled for Wellington in November, and there will be further workshops in the Top of the South that are to be confirmed.

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    Partners Newsletter - Winter 2020

    You are now able to view a summary of the key findings from the latest summer survey, with a comparison to earlier year's surveys online. You can also find out about a new vessel risk profiling app that is being trialled; there is an opinion piece on the effects of the pandemic from the TOS Coordinator, and an update on the Marine Biosecurity Workshops that were postponed during the Covid-19 lockdown. There is also good news about the impacts of the sea squirt, Pyura doppelgangera.

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    Partners Newsletter - Autumn 2020

    Fanworm incursions are being detected in TOS waters more than ever before, see the front page of our newsletter for more information. You can also find out about some interesting projects being undertaken - Port Nelson settlement plate project with schools; and Impacts and Mitigation of Microplastics project by Cawthron. There is an update from Biosecurity NZ, and what happened at the Waikawa marine life move which took place in March.

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    Partners Newsletter - Summer 2020

    In the summer newsletter you can read about our annual Summer Survey and what has been found in the way of marine pests; there's great news about some major new funding for marine biosecurity research; and more than 1000 Mediterranean fanworm have been pulled from the water in and around Opua Marina.

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    Partners Newsletter - Spring 2019

    In the Spring newsletter you can find out what happened at this year's annual Partnership Meeting; what the results of the eDNA sampling campaign in Nelson and Tasman Bay were;  and legal requirements about hull fouling for vessels coming through our national border.

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    Partners Newsletter - Winter 2019

    In the winter edition you'll see details about recent Mediterranean fanworm incidents in both Waikawa and Nelson, and also the Mediterranean fanworm programme 2019/2020; there are new rules to be aware of for vessels visiting Marlborough; and find out how our hull cleaning workshops went.

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    Partners Newsletter - Autumn 2019

    In the Autumn 2019 newsletter you find useful information about how to get your anti-fouling right, as well as details of the free anti-fouling workshops being held at Nelson and Waikawa this month.

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    Partners Newsletter - Summer 2019

    In the Summer 2019 newsletter you can find out what anti-fouling paint to use, results from the 2018/19 summer survey, what's happening with marine biosecurity in other regions, and learn about the Hector's dolphin app.

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    Partners Newsletter - Spring 2018

    In our Spring newsletter you'll find information about how you can help with the Summer boat hull survey that will begin shortly; new rules for marine pests in the top of the South Island; how to manage bilge water risks; and how a group of Nelson College for Girls students have brought marine biosecurity into the digital age.

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    Partners Newsletter - Winter 2018

    The winter newsletter features some items from the Partnership Meeting which was held in July and highlighted new science and technology in marine biosecurity.

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    Partners Newsletter - Autumn 2018

    In our Autumn newsletter you'll find an update on the 2018 summer survey, an article on new techniques being tested using DNA surveillance for known marine pests in the top of the South Island, find out about the science and technologies of marine biosecurity workshop taking place in July, and we have a guest spot with Northland Regional Council reporting on the results of vessel hull surveillance in Northland.

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    Partners Newsletter - Summer 2018

    The summer newsletter features results from the latest Summer Survey work, a new floating dock for the Top of the South, new biosecurity border standards, future management of Undaria in Fiordland, and how fanworm suppression is working so far.

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    Partners Newsletter - Spring 2017

    Find out what happened when a small scale management programme for Mediterranean fanworm, Sabella, was declared in the Tasman District recently. Learn what to do if you find a suspected marine pest. Read about how hull maintenance practices are a key in containing the spread of marine pests, and how we did in the inaugural NZ Biosecurity Awards.

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    Partners Newsletter - Winter 2017

    Find out about the combined Regional Pest Management Plan and Pathways Plan proposed by the Northland Regional Council. Peter Lawless, Coordinator of TOS Marine Biosecurity shares the Partnership Annual Report. A regional update from Marlborough on Sabella and Styela, the discovery of more invasive Undaria plants in the waters of Fiordland, and a chance to enter the NZ Biosecurity Awards although you'll have to be fast as entries close on 7 July.

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    Partners Newsletter - March 2017

    Find the latest update on the Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii), be aware of new pathways plans for Northland and Southland, find out about what's been happening with our recreational boat surveys over the summer, and a guest spot for Cawthron who talk about biofouling in internal pipework of recreational vessels.

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    Partners Newsletter - October 2016

    In our October newsletter you can learn more about the recent find of Fanworm in Tarakohe, Golden Bay. Pete ponders about diseases that adversely affect marine organisms, Barrie discusses choosing the correct antifouling, there is an update from MPI, and read about the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge.

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    Partners Newsletter - August 2016

    Find out what Mana Marina in Wellington is doing for marine biosecurity risk reduction, and learn about Fiordland's pathway plan proposal. Peter shares some of his learnings from recent overseas travels, and Barrie has some results from the Summer survey work. You'll also find out who the lucky person is who won the free lift and clean after filling out our questionnaire.

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    Partners Newsletter - March 2016

    Find out the results of the summer recreational boat survey, Pete ponders about vessel hygiene, Barrie discusses incursions and marine pests present and past, and there's information about NIWA's new research programme.

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    Partners Newsletter - November 2015

    You can find out what's been happening with Styela and Sabella in Picton and Waikawa, what was learnt from the Saxon Onward, and check out the "Is your bum clean" campaign being launched this summer.

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    Partners Newsletter - June 2015

    In our newsletter this month you'll find a report on what happened at the annual Partnership Meeting held in May, Barries Bilge talks about the case for pathways management, there is a message from our outgoing Chair Lindsay Vaughan, there are also updates on what marine pests are invading the seas in the Tasman region, Nelson and Picton Port survey results, and our guest spot is Bay of Plenty Regional Council - find out what they've been doing to manage pests in their region.

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    Partners Newsletter - March 2015

    The feature this month is Bruce Lines of Diving Services NZ who has been at the forefront of wrapping up vessels and structures since this technology was first used as part of the Didemnum response in Marlborough a decade ago. Pete ponders on pathways, a decade on, and the guest spot belongs to Cawthron Institute.

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    Partners Newsletter - December 2014

    Our newsletter for December features the fishing vessel Voyager P which was wrapped in plastic in Port Nelson to remove the biosecurity risk associated with its highly fouled hull. There is an article on Envirolink, Pete's Pondering on pathways planning, and a special guest spot with Environment Southland talking about the Fiordland Marine Pathway Management Plan.

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    Partners Newsletter - September 2014

    The feature article this month is about floating docks - an important tool in the kit for treating hull bio-fouling. There is an update on what is happening with new pests to the region, and Pete is pondering about a Pathways Plan proposal.

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    Partners Newsletter - June 2014

    The feature article is Pathway Management for TOS. Barrie talks about Partnership Meeting Science Perspectives, and boat fouling levels in the Top of the South. Peter presents highlights from the Annual Report. Plus new national biosecurity requirements for all vessels entering New Zealand were announced in May - find out more.

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    Partners Newsletter - March 2014

    The feature article is on pathway management, Barrie discusses what we are learning from recent pest incursions, and Peter discusses the importance of networking.

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    Partners Newsletter - December 2013

    Our newsletter this month features a story on the recent finding of Mediterranean fanworm in Nelson and what is being done about it. There is also an update on Styela clava in Picton, and an article on how to keep hitchhiking pests off your boat.

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    Partners Newsletter - October 2013

    Find out about Marine Pathways, and why it's not just hull fouling that spreads marine pests.

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    Partners Newsletter - July 2013

    Find out about how the discovery of the clubbed tunnicate Styela clava in Picton during the MPI/NIWA High Risk Site Survey in June 2013 tested our response capabilities.

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    Partners Newsletter - May 2013

    The summer survey found over a third of vessels on swing moorings in Nelson Haven were highly fouled with encrusting organisms - find out more

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